fashion has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. as a little girl fascinated by making clothes for my barbies and even inspired by dressing up my patient brother in full on make-up and frilly outfits, i've always known i have an innate knack for anything and everything fashion. although my brother wasn't quite fond of it, i now thrive on my clients' satisfaction. when someone tells me she felt great and got so many compliments on her look, i feel a sense of completion and success. i know i have done my job and that is what makes me smile. 

i am constantly inspired and influenced by my most favorite pastime, travel. and after fifteen plus years in retail, it really is like second nature for me to put together a unique and individual look for my friends and clients. mixing and matching your own items, always keeping your own personality in mind, my mission is to help you feel comfortable, chic and cool. 

from a large-scale closet re-vamping, to a quick outfit pairing in the store, i am a full-service fashion guide...and at my fingertips is our fine-tuned collection of the very best shoes, jewels and accessories in my store, the perfect pair.